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Veeam Alliance Partner integrations and qualifications

Quickly find solutions and products deeply integrated and tested by Alliance Partners within the Veeam Alliance Program. Whether you’re seeking a solution for Backup & Recovery, Orchestration and Automation, or Data Integrity and Assurance, the Veeam Alliance Program offers your business the best ecosystem experience.

Your business will benefit from a broad range of solutions engineered to streamline solution deployments and improve performance to better align with the demanding SLAs of end-users.


Program overview

  • Veeam Integrated
  • Veeam Ready
  • Veeam Infused
Alliance vendors and their technology are directly part of the Veeam® user experience within the Veeam Integrated program. Veeam invitations restrict access to the programs and usually comes with specific technical, marketing and business criteria.

Veeam Integrated — “with Veeam”

This program is designed to jointly co-develop “appliance-like” storage solutions together with an Alliance Partner.

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Veeam Integrated — Universal Storage API

Primary Storage vendors that deliver storage for virtualization, physical server and NAS workloads can jointly develop with Veeam a snapshot integration into Veeam products.

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Veeam Integrated — Object

Object Storage vendors can implement the standard S3 operation stack and team up with Veeam for the best user experience-focused product integrations.

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Veeam Integrated — Deduplication

For deduplication appliances, particular protocols or software settings are needed to provide the best user experiences. This program enables vendors to add their deduplication storage system to the Veeam user interface with specific settings automatically applied.

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The Veeam Ready program follows a qualification process with premier products of Veeam, such as Veeam Backup & Replication™ and Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365, to meet specific standards for Alliance Partner solutions. Once the solutions pass the qualification process, they are deemed “Veeam Ready”. Independent from Veeam support status, this program offers your business the security that our Alliance Partners qualified the products and met specific functional and performance requirements using Veeam’s software.

Veeam Ready — Repository

Verified disk backup storage that supports all Veeam backup and restore features.

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Veeam Ready — Tape

Tape device where available hardware features have been tested to work with Veeam.

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Veeam Ready — Object

Verified object storage solutions that have been tested with Veeam backup and restore object storage features.

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Veeam Ready — Object Immutability

Verified object storage solutions that have been tested with Veeam backup and restore object storage features, as well as functional testing on Veeam's object immutability feature.

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The Veeam Infused program represents solutions that leverage Veeam Management APIs and similar integration endpoints. The vendors themselves are responsible for testing, maintaining and supporting their offerings.


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