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Backup Modernization

Break free from legacy backup

2020 CIO Cloud Data Management Initiatives

Advance from Your Legacy Platform, and Unlock New Potential

By adopting Veeam’s backup and replication platform, you instantly have access to one of the most modern solutions on the market. This enables you to free tied up resources with the vast overhead of legacy data protection and focus them on the core innovation projects you need.

Future Proof

Confidence that you are always protected, even as your environment evolves. Extend backup to cloud, across any data and platform.

Automate to free resources and people

Intelligent automation discovers new workloads and applications to determine the best process for successful backup and verified recovery.

Re-use Data

Free backup data to empower new and existing processes. Instantly restore VM’s in a sandbox environment for faster application development.

Modern Backup Powered by Veeam

Powerful solutions that simply “just work.” Our single platform brings together all your data in one place, so you can put it to work.

Backup & Recovery

Be always available with the confidence you can recover from any situation fast with

Veeam Backup & Replication

Monitoring & Analytics

Built-in intelligence for complete visibility and remediation across your environment using

Veeam One

Automation & Orchestration

Intelligent recovery orchestration and data reuse automation through

Veeam Availability Orchestrator

Break Free from Legacy Backup Solutions so You Can Meet Your SLAs While Reducing Cost and Ensuring Data Availability

Veeam customers that have modernized their backup, experience:

higher developer
lower cost of data backup
and protection
more efficient data backup
and recovery teams

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