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Data Security and Compliance

Secure backup and recovery to overcome any cyberthreat 

2020 CIO Cloud Data Management Initiatives

Secure data protection

A company's data is its most valuable asset. Managing, protecting and meeting data security regulations are monumental tasks. With Veeam, you can implement transparent, actionable and dependable strategies to protect your data from tampering or deletion with secure, verifiable backup options.

Protect against Ransomware

Increase your data security and deploy 100% protection for your data with the highest level of backup isolation from Ransomware

Control compliance and governance

Protect against compliance failure. Provide seamless audit capability without extra effort, included as part of your backup process.

Remove uncertainty from app deployment

Applications frequently require update testing. Re-use your backup data to instantly create testing environments to ensure product quality.

Data security and compliance powered by Veeam

Ensure your application security, compliance and privacy requirements before deployment without impact on the production system or increased cost.

Backup & Recovery

100% ransomware-proof backups with S3 object lock and immutable backups

Veeam Backup & Replication

Governance & Compliance

Ensure data security, compliance and customer privacy requirements are met

Veeam Availability Suite

Risk is a real challenge everyone needs to face. Modern backup can help reduce the risk to you, your company and your data

Customers are seeing real impact using Veeam data security and compliance solutions:

experienced reduced
audit and compliance failure
saw significant reduction
in risk of data loss
experienced little to NO financial
impact due to ransomware

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2020 CIO Cloud Data Management Initiatives ​


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